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Kathy Crawford co-authored and published her first book in 2008 - Two Broads Abroad with Karen Schwarck. 

Join Two Old Friends in Their Search for ADVENTURE.

The book is a fascinating account of two friends on the journey of their lives.  They fulfilled a lifelong dream when they made a decision to travel together to the United Kingdom.  This is a great read, and a humorous report of all the wild and woolly adventures of two friends on the trip of a longtime.

Critical Acclaim for Two Broads Aboard:

"From the starting line to the finish line, a laugh-filled sprint!"

Don Schwarck, Retired Track Coach, South Lyon Schools



"This book provides the answer to the age old question: which is tougher, achieving world peace or trying to deal with a European bathroom at age 65?"

David B. Landry, Mayor City of Novi



"Karen was always a good writer. I remember when she wrote all over her bedroom dresser!"

H. Irene Rayner, Karen Schwarck's Mom, Naples FL



"I don't know how well she writes, but she still has her own teeth."

Peter W. Lazarchuk, D.D.S


"She wrote a book? Are you kidding? About the UK? Is that where she was for so long?"

Hugh D. Crawford, Michigan State Representative



"Despite the trauma of their encounters with the devils of the British countryside, they have managed to write the magnificent tome that you are about to read. Bill Bryson wrote of England in his "Notes from a Small Island", but it was nothing like this. Shakespeare inspired by centuries of English culture penned fine sonnets, but they were nothing like this. Churchill wrote his "History of the English Speaking Peoples", but I can guarantee that it too, was nothing like this. I can say without fear of contradiction, without any regard for the strait jacket of truth, and with a confidence born of complete ignorance of the text, that there has never been anything quite like this."

Nigel Ponsonby Smythe, Englishman



“Traveling companions Schwarck and Crawford "do" Great Britain while searching for relatives and adventure. While there, they run into a host of odd characters that seem eerily familiar from my own traveling days. Traveling abroad without hotels or transportation arranged would be daunting for me, but they muddle their way through just fine (mostly). Parts made me just laugh out loud! An enjoyable read for anyone who aspires to write a book from their travel journals.”

5.0 out of 5 stars, What a Hoot!

By Spike , May 10, 2011:  amazon.com



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