Kathy Crawford offers a variety of Personal Development and inspirational Workshops called            “Zippy” Programs.

These workshops are offered any and all interested employee groups and organizations, such as churches or assemblies, senior citizen groups, professional women’s clubs, parks & recreation departments and/or public officials and administrators.  She speaks at conferences, at training sessions or at award banquets throughout the Great Lakes Region.  All Kathy requires is payment of her personal expenses.

All of these programs carry a positive message with a large dose of humor based on Kathy’s life experiences.  There are many to choose from:

“Zippy” Programs

Professional Development

  • Just Whistle A Happy Tune…get your HAPPY back!
  • DARE TO BE GREAT…be like the Lobster
  • The FUNNY Thing About Laughing
  • Enjoy Yourself While You Are Still Old
  • RE-IGNITE YOUR FIRE…yours may have gone out, or was it ever lit in the first place?
  • CHANGE is Good…You Go First
  • Let Your Life Take Flight
  • PERSONALITY AND BODY LANGUAGE…how you use them to your advantage
  • You Still Are What You Were Back Then
  • TODAY WAS FUN…tomorrow is another one

Travel & Adventure

  • A VERY FUNNY THING HAPPENED while traveling
  • LIVE A LIFE OF ADVENTURE….adventure is the key ingredient to life fulfillment
  • The Adventures of TWO BROADS…who went Abroad
  • Each Moment Is A Place You’ve Never Been

Professional Education

  • GAMES AND PLAY….important for us at any age
  • Boomers….Who are they and what do they want?
  • Schmooze or Lose
  • Fake It Till You Make It

To schedule a Zippy Program or a speaking engagement, please call Kathy at (248) 756-7025 or e-Mail her at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..